Putting the nation’s biggest cider back at the heart of British culture

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“When we brought Otherway in, the chemistry was there from the very beginning - which opened the door to great collaboration and healthy two-way challenge - which leads to the quality of work you can’t wait for the world to see. ”

Brand Director

Refreshing The Nation

It’s not every day you get to work on a brand with a cultural history as rich as Strongbow’s. For over five decades, they’ve been serving up first pint refreshment to the whole of the country. But as times have changed so has Strongbow, with the introduction of a range of successful new products including Cloudy Apple, Dark Fruit, and now Rosé.

These new products also bring with them new audiences to the Strongbow brand and the need for a new strategic platform - Refreshing The Nation. An idea that celebrates the huge variety of people throughout the UK who love a Strongbow - from big festivals to garden BBQ’s and everything in between.

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