Refreshing the UK’s largest cider brand

“This is a huge milestone in 63 years of Strongbow, with the biggest and boldest redesign ever. Setting the pace for what’s to come, we’re excited to show people what else we have in store for our summer of cider.”

UK Cider Director

New cans, new flavours and a brand new brand platform.

Strongbow is the UK’s most popular cider brand, but the category as a whole is in steady decline. To encourage a new generation of consumers, Otherway was brought in to refresh the Strongbow brand and kick-start the category back into growth again.

The Strongbow brand was launched over 60 years ago. Since then, the audience has changed significantly as drinkers have become younger and more diverse. With the introduction of new flavours such as Dark Fruit, Rosé, and the new Tropical, Strongbow is no longer the brand for older men. The new brief was to update the brand to reflect the profile of Strongbow’s drinkers today and create a modern interpretation of them inspired by the brand's legacy.

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Advertising

The new brand platform of ’Take a Bow’ is born from Strongbow’s tradition of celebrating everyday greatness. Since it’s launch the brand has become famous for championing its drinkers in the most down-to-earth ways possible. Celebrating what makes the everyman and woman special and never trying to be anything it’s not. The new strategy will continue to place drinkers, their values and their unique sense of humour at the very heart of the brand.

The new design system revamps the cans with different colourways inspired by their respective flavour. Strongbow’s archer emblem is placed prominently on the front of the cans but had been evolved to be less masculine and more inclusive. The design elements across the brand world are nothing new, only evolved legacy assets applied in new ways. The bold typography celebrates the matter of fact confidence of Strongbow.

The new communications strategy includes the production of a range of assets for the brand re-launch. From TV to socials and everything in between - new work has been created to showcase the new cans, celebrate the refreshing natural flavours and hero the Strongbow drinkers of today.