Pasta Dreams

Cooking up the unexpected with Jamie Oliver

“The creative behind the brand is disruptive - high production value, high energy and a beautiful showcase of the delicious food. Collaborating with Jamie, his creative studio and Otherway on this has been, well, a dream!”

Chief Marketing Officer

We partnered with Jamie Oliver and Taster to reimagine what a pasta based delivery brand could be. With a bold food menu and strategy designed to challenge consumers’ preconceptions of delivery food, we set out to create a brand that pushes the boundaries of an Italian themed food concept. Marking a departure from Jamie Oliver’s traditional audience demographic, Pasta Dreams has been designed to appeal to a younger audience, whilst still retaining aspects of passion and vibrancy that are synonymous with the Jamie Oliver brand.

  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Photography
  • Content

Menu items developed by Jamie for Pasta Dreams are imaginative, with distinct twists on the classics. The concept of the name and the branding reflects this, with dream-scapes made up of abstracted food based shapes and a trippy type style that distorts and contorts, much like cooked pasta.

The sensory experience of eating and loving comforting food is abstract and mind-boggling, so the brand aims to capture this in each asset. Photography of cooking processes is met with an other-wordly theme, creating digestible, eye catching content that allows us to celebrate the unexpected with an ownable dream like quality.

Mute / Unmute

The logo is inspired by boiling pasta-like shapes with a subtle theme of nostalgia. Sepia tones in the colour palette add to a 1970’s retro theme. A hint to a time where imaginations were running wild with thoughts of what the future might look like. Collaged dream-scapes made up of ingredients and shapes give the brand a sense of place.

A huge part of the overall repositioning of Taster has been to show the faces and personalities behind each menu concept they work on. To honour this, we needed to ensure Jamie Oliver sat at the centre of the Pasta Dreams brand, as it’s host and creator. In collaboration with Jamie Oliver’s creative studio team, the main photoshoot took place in Jamie’s development kitchen - the location of Pasta Dreams’ development - to shine a light on the processes that go into creating “delivery-perfect” pasta.

The Pasta Dreams packaging has been carefully designed to create a memorable delivery experience for customers. It utilises a set of patterns that reflect the shapes, swirls, and splashes seen in the cooking of each dish, with subtle nods to the marbling and looseness of an Italian themed aesthetic. The patterns come together to form a collection of surreal, beautiful boxes and bags that offer moments of surprise and delight.

The overall tone of the brand marries the weird and wonderful with mouthwateringly tasty, offering a true celebration of what Jamie Oliver can offer a new audience who, with so much choice in a saturated market, demand a renewed, creative approach to food delivery brands.