Little Dish

Helping little ones get off to a happy start


Refreshing the Little Dish brand to connect to a new generation of parents.

As kids grow up and parents move on it’s important for brands in the children space to continuously evolve and stay relevant for the new next generation coming through. That was the brief from Little Dish, a fifteen year old brand that wanted to blow the cobwebs off and connect with today’s parents.

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Illustration
Little Dish
Little Dish

Bold and Confident

We helped Little Dish get their confidence back. Focusing the positioning on what really matters and celebrating their products in bold, colourful and confident new ways. Evolving the brand world, making the packaging more sustainable and digital channels work harder to stand out and get noticed on shelf and online.

Functional Not Just Fun

The strategy for Little Dish was to bring to the forefront the functional health benefits of their meals. Escaping the associations of ‘ready meals’ and elevating the food to a more premium positioning to match the quality and passion that goes into making Little Dish different.

The Truth Well Told

We designed and built a digital experience to help Little Dish celebrate what makes them different and better than the rest. Beautiful functionally meets snappy storytelling to celebrate the family values, expertise and passion that sits at the heart of the company.