Changing the way we care for our clothes and our planet

“Otherway went above and beyond at every step of the process, from creative ideation to final execution - which imaginatively pushed the laundry category into a totally new space. Their approach was truly seamless - 'one team' partnership at its best.”

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Sustainability is the modern luxury.

While the fashion industry grapples with its well-documented environmental challenges, the clothing care industry continues to perpetuate its own ecological failings. Incumbent laundry brands stubbornly formulate products containing harsh chemicals and artificial scents that damage your clothes and the environment.

Kair exists to challenge this cycle of infamy, by caring for your wardrobe with a range of 100% plant-based, biodegradable and chemical-free laundry products that protect and extend the life of your clothes.

We worked with the founder (previously of Net-A-Porter and Glossier), to create a direct-to-consumer laundry brand that is firmly rooted in the world of premium fashion. Refillable, recyclable glass bottles and luxury, natural scents that break the norms of the traditional detergent market - at every touchpoint placing the emphasis on creating a brand that is fit for the future.

Buy less, wear more.

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Fashion as a lifestyle.

A visual language that takes cues from the broader lives of our target audience. From finding inspiration in the utilitarian layouts and semiotics of clothing labels, to developing a palette that taps into contemporary fashion with rich premium colours juxtaposed by pops of brighter tones.

Photography treatments echo lifestyle shoots from fashion magazines, with models and styling that deliberately contrast with the conventional depictions of laundry. Pairing bold and confident brand statements with high flash, high energy photography that reflects the lives of our audience - love your clothes, the confidence they give you and care for them so you can enjoy them again and again.

Long love your wardrobe.

Evoking the senses.

Scent and memory are deeply intertwined. Sleeping in clean sheets or wearing a freshly-washed piece of clothing are highly emotive moments. The signature Kair range features carefully selected ingredients, captivating luxury scents that last long after your laundry is done. This is laundry like you've never experienced before.

Abstract macro photography elevates botanical ingredients as heroes - evocatively conveying the memorable, natural fragrances of the Kair range in digital and social environments. A straightforward nomenclature system taps into familiar naming structures more common in the fragrance industry, deliberately avoiding the outdated and contrived tropes of laundry scent names.

Uplifting your laundry and your mood.