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“Otherway has created a fantastic brand campaign packed with personality and products so consumers know why they should shop at Homebase. They quickly got to grips with our business and are as passionate about driving results as we are. They're also a dream to work with!”

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Digital Design

Homebase is an iconic British brand and one we have all grown up with. They came to Otherway looking for a new brand idea that had the longevity to run across the year, as well as the flexibility to work in every channel, across their whole range.

Research showed people are aware of the brand, but didn't really know what makes them different or better than the rest. So we needed to give consumers one clear reason to shop at Homebase.

We went on to develop the creative platform of 'All Your Home Needs' to play to the brand's strengths of having the best range of products which makes home and garden improvement easier. A strategy that places Homebase’s vast array of products front-and-centre of the creative.

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The new campaign launches with a film packed full of products and personality, recapturing the joy and happiness of a trip to Homebase to improve your home and garden.

The film is made up of rapid scenes highlighting sofa beds, flower beds, storage solutions, and paint available at Homebase before the VO concludes: “And when you’re done, your bum needs a seat like the dustpan needs the brush, your family needs the kitchen like the kitchen needs the sink, and that kitchen sink needs unblocking.”

The campaign is directed by stop-motion specialist Chris Ullens, working with Otherway to playfully bring the product range to life with a new level of craft for the brand.

As part of the campaign roll out, a series of assets were created across instore and digital platforms, allowing seasonal and specific product messaging to be highlighted as the campaign rolls out.

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