Relaunching graze with a tasty new look


Little snacking wins

Research suggests that the secret to healthy eating is little and often, so we helped graze put more meaning back into their name. Working collaboratively with their in-house creative team across both strategy and design, we evolved the positioning, branding and packaging design to make sure graze is all set for the next 10 years.

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Illustration
  • Photography

Our new graze logo is bigger and bolder than ever. Full of personality and character - with a couple of subtle cheeky smiles and a some hidden seed-like shapes. Designed as a masthead across all packaging to create much more consistency and retail standout across the range.

The headline type uses Bogue for a bold yet friendly feeling. The typeface feels approachable, yet retains a premium and elevated feel. The body copy is Agrandir for a touch of function, whilst the handwritten type, Lore, adds chef's notes and a playfulness to provide counterbalance.

The new colour palette is bright and punchy whilst remaining natural, for better stand out both online and on-shelf. The evolved 'graze green' is a subtle but important departure from the original - epitomising positivity, joyfulness and vibrancy and remaining progressive and modern - and ultimately, complimenting the 'graze rainbow' of on-pack colours perfectly.

On-pack photography is fundamental to shopper marketing, showing the product that sits inside and ensuring each product is distinctive. To anchor the imagery, we introduced a number of illustrated hands holding the product. A simple way to add visual difference and human tactility.

The brand strategy is built around the idea of Little Snacking Wins. The idea that graze can play a fundamental role in helping everyone make small but better decisions when it comes to their eating habits. As a healthier snacking brand, it allows graze to claim an authentic positioning without over-selling. All done with a playful tone of voice that is as entertaining as it is helpful, and a visual brand world that dials up the taste to 10.