Deliveroo HOP

Launching the superfast supermarket for busy people

“Otherway are an absolute dream to work with. Fast-paced, collaborative, brilliant strategically and superb designers. We have been inspired by the way they challenged us to take the work to the next level.”

Global Brand Manager
Deliveroo HOP
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The on-demand-grocery category has been booming since the COVID-19 pandemic and is now worth over £1.5bn in the UK alone and growing at 10% year on year.

Since its launch in 2021, Deliveroo HOP has experienced strong growth and is now delivering to approximately to 20,000 customers a day in Central London, Paris and Milan. With big ambitions for growth in 2023 across Europe. We collaborated with their in-house team to evolve their brand positioning, branding and customer experience design across every consumer touchpoint and channel.

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  • Digital Design
  • Performance Marketing

Unlike competitor brands who shout about functional benefits like speed or rely heavily on short term discounting, HOP's brand positioning represents the audience's attitudes and the humour in the honest truths of how busy people live their lives. With lines including ‘Connecting busy professionals with like-minded hummus’ demonstrating a new tone of voice that has a sense of humour, and is emotive, candid and consumer-led.

The design evolution draws on the distinctive brand codes of the Deliveroo parent brand, but has been injected with more youthful and playful elements to speak to our target urban audience.

Typography is playful to reflect the joyful and personal tone of the copy. While the colour palette is inspired by the iconic Deliveroo masterbrand with added warmth to feel a touch more homely whilst remaining instantly recognisable.

Fresh photography shows products candidly in the home environment with ingredients and products shot in use on kitchen counters, featuring popular food and drink brands. And to complete the new brand assets we worked with illustrator Steve Gavan to create a suite of playful icons. To bridge the gap between emotional and functional – delivering both the joy and practicality of delivered groceries.

The strategy and design evolution of Deliveroo HOP will be followed by a new communications push launching later in 2023 to continue to supercharge the growth of the brand.