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Live the life you want.

Happier Living is a medical group practice based in the US with a therapy-first approach to health and wellbeing. Working closely with the Founder Dr Lawrence Genen and the rest of the team, we helped them define the brand strategy before rebranding and relaunching the website.

The focus of Happier Living was to become the enemy to the existing therapy industry in the US, which isn’t set up to allow clinicians to do their job to the highest quality, nor with the highest impact.

Happier Living exists to help more people live happier, by offering clients recurring, long-term, in-network care.

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The visual approach for the Happier Living brand aimed to blend the worlds of healthcare with the trust and credibility found within the editorial world. From the bold masthead-inspired logo treatment that builds a sense of trust and authenticity, to a confident publisher-inspired mark centering around Happier Living's five pillars to a balanced life.

The brand's foundation is based around an always-on grid, helping communicate the aim of bringing structure and stability to people’s lives. Much like editorial design, the grid serves as the versatile and functional tool for all outputs, from simple formatting and organisation of content, to a modular-based system for web applications.

We opted for a vibrant colour palette, featuring bold bright hues and complementary sun-drenched pastels as a nod to the brand's Californian origins and a positive outlook on the future. The range of tonal palettes when combined, provides visual harmony throughout, adding a calming aesthetic and can be used to seamlessly tie elements together.

To nurture positive connections between brand and client, we partnered with Indonesia-based artist, Muhammad Fatchurofi to create a suite of positive, warm and brightly coloured illustrations to help depict a range of complex and intricate subject matters including physical and mental health, relationships, financial well-being and career guidance.

The editorial inspirations underpinning the brand, combined with a warm and emotive brand world serve to position Happier Living as the empathetic and supportive health experts in a sector that can oftentimes feel cold and transactional.