Farm Shop

Celebrating real food at the heart of the local community

“Thank you Otherway for your fantastic work, we absolutely love it.”

Hauser & Wirth

Well-made craft

We've been working with Hauser & Wirth's retail and hospitality team, Artfarm, to help grow a seed of an idea into a fresh new farm shop brand based on their Bruton, Somerset site.

In a world where true quality is increasingly rare, the farm shop celebrates the importance of things made well - combining down to earth, raw simplicity with a modern elegance.


The team at Farm Shop support local fledgling entrepreneurs, as well as partnering with more established Somerset based businesses. Building a community first approach to create unique products made with ingredients grown directly on the farm and surrounding fields.

Ensuring the Farm Shop brand is as local as the products, we collaborated with Bruton based letterpress expert Kelvyn Smith to produce a set of carefully crafted labels for packaging.

This process informed the design decisions made, allowing form to follow function - creating a raw system for typography that is defined by a timeless process. Highlighting connections to place and provenance.

To showcase the the Farm Shop community, we commissioned photographer Elena Heatherwick to create a set of reportage style images of the farm and portraits of the producers. Capturing people and place - all shot through Elena’s eye of ethereal beauty.

The website conveys the brands values of simple and best, whilst acting as a listings for the local community involved in creating the products.

Based in a purpose built barn designed by architects Laplace, we're proud to work with the brand to grow and evolve along with the local community that supports it.