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Bringing the best of Brixton to the UK

“We really enjoy working with Otherway. We view them as an extension of our team and trust them to do right by Brixton. They have always demonstrated a strong understanding of our brand and have now delivered two years of exciting and visually impactful advertising that really resonates with our target audience.”

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Brixton Brewery
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Get A Taste Of Brixton

After years of hard work establishing themselves as an authentic part of their beloved community, Brixton Brewery came to us with the task of helping them make the leap into their first nationwide comms campaign. The brief was simple in principle but full of nuance in practice - to raise awareness of the brand whilst helping them to deepen and strengthen their Brixton roots.

The challenge was to scale the brand without forgetting where it had come from.

As a relatively new player in an incredibly competitive market, it was crucial we not only delivered a very consistent, stand-out brand world, but that we also massively dialed up the taste credentials. We set out to show Brixton Brewery’s beers in an original, dynamic way that would capture attention and quite simply, make passers by really fancy a pint.

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The Electric Collective

Community has always been a massive part of Brixton’s (and the brewery’s) DNA. From all the characters of the markets to the skatepark - it’s a place that boasts a community vibe so palpable that you can feel it the second you step out of the tube station. We call this the electricity of Brixton.

It was hugely important to the business that we found a way for the brand to give back to the rich culture and community of its namesake. And so, the Electric Collective was born - a dedication to supporting the best of up and coming local Brixton talent through our work.

We kicked things off by working with South London’s Miss Yankey to write an original spoken word piece about the electricity of Brixton, which was brought to life as a short film performance and converted into out of home posters. We also teamed up with local artist Azarra Amoy to commission a huge mural with bags of stopping power, bang in the middle of Brixton. Azarra’s work was also translated into a full station and escalator takeover at Brixton underground.

Product First Digital Films

Given it is the brand’s first move into nationwide comms the media approach was focused around making a big splash in Brixton first, whilst then going to wider audiences through more product focused digital films to the soundtrack to the late local rapper Ty.

The result is a campaign that first and foremost, feels like a genuine celebration of Brixton, whilst helping the brand begin to get noticed (and drunk) across the UK.