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Plan. Shop. Cook. Better.

Cherrypick is the all-in-one app that finds recipes, plans meals and orders groceries from your favourite supermarket. Working closely with the founder and the Cherrypick brand team we helped them refine the brand strategy and change the name, before rebranding and relaunching the app across every channel.

The focus of Cherrypick was to become the enemy to unhealthy convenience food - from ready meals, fast food takeaways and even the packaging-filled recipe box market.

Cherrypick exists to make planning, shopping and cooking meals easier, more affordable, greener and healthier. The new name is born from the insight of only cherry picking the best ingredients and the new design strategy is built around the idea of being a ‘handy helper’.

  • Strategy
  • Branding
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  • Web Design

The Cherrypick brand world embraces both fun and function. From the logotype to the illustrations - every touch point within the identity follows this principle, of celebrating the joyful experience of the brand whilst also being super useful.

A new, visually uplifting logotype represents the ‘picking’ of the best products as well as an optimistic and positive smile. The hand icon is inspired by a chef's kiss, as a sign of quality and a subtle reference to a cherry.

Typefaces are combined to enhance the app experience through clear and balanced typography making the buttons, tags and UI as accessible as possible.

Changing brand name allowed us to totally refresh the colour palette to stand out from the norms of the category when it comes to colour. Creating a distinctive core palette inspired by the natural tone of a cherry, supported by a secondary set taking cues from the bold colours of freshly cooked food.

A characterful new brand mascot (named Handy) is illustrated by Steve Gavan and was designed to help customers navigate. Handy, is expressed in a variety of different ways as the helpful character guides users through the app and onboarding process. Handy is the smart shopping assistant who really characterises the fun and function of the new Cherrypick brand.

Photography in the brand world is broken into two categories. Functional cut-out products are used to create a clear and simple way to show the types of fresh ingredients used within the recipes. Whilst recipe imagery captures the vibrancy and enjoyment of cooking from scratch, creating layers of colour and well-styled crockery that bring to life the joy of eating together.

Finally, the new tone of voice plays the same game of capturing the perfect balance of entertainment and utility. Giving Cherrypick a unique voice whilst never getting in the way of the intuitive user experience through the digital experience.