Birra Moretti

Bringing authentic Italy to the UK

“Otherway continues to be an integral part of Birra Moretti’s journey in the UK. Their collaborative approach and desire to deliver top quality brand communication that drives equity forward comms has been invaluable. ”

Heineken Marketing Director
Digital Design

The Home Of Life's Simple Pleasures.

Birra Moretti is the UK's fastest growing premium lager, yet despite millions of drinkers loving the beer very few appreciated Moretti's true Italian roots, brewing passion straight from the heart of Tuscany. Our brief was foremost to celebrate the beer itself, whilst wrapping it in Moretti's authentic Italy.

  • Advertising
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  • Digital Design
Mute / Unmute

L'Italiana Autentica.

Working with esteemed director Jake Nava on location in Pienza we produced a campaign that is a love letter to Birra Moretti. This single-take TV spot travels through an authentic Tuscan scene to immerse viewers in real Italy.

Go big and go innovative.

Supporting our TVC we delivered an out of home and digital campaign delivering that perfect pint moment. Inspired by genuine consumer behaviour, taking a picture of your ice cold beer on holiday to make your friends jealous, we created a mix of eye-catching special builds, innovative parallax digital 6-sheets and proximity advertising to direct people to their nearest establishment serving Moretti, so they can enjoy a pint themselves.