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Unlike your average skincare brand, BAZ & CO was created by a farmer. And if there's one thing farmers know better than anyone else, it's knowing how to grow the right ingredients.

When it comes to your skin, a healthy diet is just as important as the one you eat. That’s why, when it comes to skincare, there’s nothing more important than the quality and integrity of the ingredients you use.

We partnered with the founder to position, brand and launch a completely new approach to skincare - from farm to face.

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BAZ & CO is named after the hero ingredient, basil - the king of herbs - known for it’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Grown in innovative vertical farms, using 95% less land and 95% less water than traditional farming. And because they’re indoor farms, everything can be grown year round.

Creating the brand world, our typographic approach was inspired by referencing instruction manuals, signage and farm vernacular, with one foot in the country and the other in the lab. The image treatment reflects a traditional way of doing things, the halftone process was originally created to print cost-effectively by reducing ink wastage. A reference to traditional processes reimagined into modern innovations.

It goes without saying that beautiful, sustainable packaging is a crucial part of any successful skincare brand these days. But it can also be easy to fall into the trap of becoming an another Aesop me-too.

Driven by the need to use easily recyclable materials, inks and processes, the packaging reflects this simplicity through a very transparent design language and fully recyclable packaging made of aluminium and glass.

As with any new brand, adaptability is key when it comes to online. We built a highly flexible site that can adapt and develop as the brand and product collection grows. Bringing information to the forefront at every opportunity to celebrate the depth of expertise and innovation that goes into every product.