Launching a digital CV for the next generation

In the midst of a dramatically shifting world of work, Vizzy came to us with a bold ambition - to create a new kind of work platform that would resonate with a new generation of workers. LinkedIn and CVs more broadly were still playing by a lot of the old rules - where people searched for work almost exclusively on a list of past experiences, leaving little-to-no room for self-expression.

Vizzy’s innovative psychometrics tool and content-rich profiles meant it was a platform that could showcase personality-types, working styles and interests. It levelled the playing field and inspired a brand proposition that would put distance between Vizzy and the competition, articulated as an invitation to workers and workplaces alike - ‘Show the working world who you really are’.

Express your work self

Vizzy’s visual world is a contemporary take on the digital word processors of a different era, with executional moments inspired by physical post-it notes and highlighters, bringing some old work-world charm to the brand’s design language.

The logo references a subtle tick in the V, a wink to digital forms and questionnaires - and the brand has a monochromatic simplicity that is paired with a vibrant colour palette for user’s profiles - giving everyone the tools for self-expression.

The typefaces are GT Zirkon and Recife Text, each providing a juxtaposing view on technology and editorial design - and used as a playful balance to communicate an entrepreneurial tone of voice across the brand.

In designing the consumer profiles, we wanted to make sure that we were creating a space for users to authentically share themselves. The profiles celebrate different aspects of people's work and life through visual modules and creative prompts. Together, the elements give a convincing feel of professionalism whilst also encouraging users to have a bit of fun.

What started as a modern replacement for the CV quickly grew in ambition as the capabilities of the platform grew to cater not only to job seekers, but also businesses - helping them to better understand and grow their own teams.

With a smartly integrated psychometric tool that can map and contrast entire team’s personality types and working preferences, we helped the Vizzy team to evolve what was initially a B2C proposition into a dual role, where the B2B capabilities quickly became an important focus for launch.

The concept really struck its stride as the Vizzy team secured their first partnership with Burberry in helping them launch their first internship scheme. Working together, we went on to design a bespoke landing page and profile approach, specifically created for Burberry applicants.