Strongbow Ultra Dark Fruit

Launching a new kind of cider for a new kind of drinker

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“Otherway’s passion for creativity and obsession with understanding the target consumer was remarkable, leading us to a fantastic idea, executed in the most disruptive way possible”

Senior Brand Manager
Digital Design


Strongbow came to us with plans to launch a new, lower calorie cider within their established product portfolio. Created for a new generation of drinkers, who see no reason to compromise in any aspect of their lives. The liquid researched brilliantly with consumers and as such gave Strongbow the confidence to create a launch campaign that was as equally uncompromising.

Our brief was to stand out and get noticed above and beyond typical category advertising, making consumers ask each other "have you seen that new Strongbow Ultra?”

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  • Digital Design

New Tastes Good

The desire to try new food and drink brands has never been higher as a result of post-pandemic life. There’s a social currency amongst young people to be the first to try something new - and with that bravery comes reward. We felt it was only right that if we are asking people to try something new and different then we as a brand should do the same. The ’New Tastes Good’ strategy set the tone for the entire campaign.

Drink The G.O.A.T.

The G.O.A.T. is a well-known symbol of greatness across modern pop-culture. We thought it would be entertaining to claim our greatness in the drinks world as well, hence, the purple goat was born. We worked closely with The Mill to create the CGI world and the purple goat. From the character and movements of the goat to the Daga Da track by DJ Sammy Virji, everything was focused at making the creative super impactful and distinct from anything else in the market.

Appealing to drinkers in their worlds

From TV to digital to fly-postering the campaign was created go where our audiences live. The simplicity of both the films and the posters is specifically designed to be enjoyed fast. It’s purposefully uncomplicated and asks very little of the audience apart from just to simply enjoy it.