Making the complex, simple.


Everybody deserves to be healthy

With over 40 years experience in medicine, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Charles Akle had spent the latter years of his career in immunology, researching the use of bacteria as a form of immunotherapy cancer treatment.

Upon discovering the brilliant immunoregulatory capabilities of a certain form of Micolicibacteria, Dr. Charles and his colleagues decided to set about making this bacteria available orally in order to democratise its amazing potential. From its very inception, this was a company set on making better health available to all.

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Seriously simple science

Given the rapid growth of the supplements market in the US, competition had become fierce. But more importantly, demand had led to an epidemic of pseudoscience in the category.

From the outset, our challenge was to rise above the confusion and complexity of the world we were in - swapping complex jargon for accessible, trusted expertise. With a product whose hero ingredient is technically called ‘Micolicibacterium aurum Aogashima’ this was no mean feat.

Mute / Unmute

Retune your immune

To launch immy, we knew we would need to begin with some simple, engaging education that would help people quickly wrap their heads around what immy is and why we should all be taking it.

Scientific nostalgia

immy’s whole premise is based on replacing important bacteria we’ve lost touch with in the modern world. So, inspired by this connection to the past and our ambition to keep immy simple and accessible, we found inspiration for the brand world in the golden era of innovation - the late 80s. A time where new scientific breakthroughs were heralded with a beautiful simplicity and iconicity.