Welcome to a new future in winemaking

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Welcome to a new future in winemaking.

LECAP believes a new generation of drinkers want new ways to drink – they demand all the rituals, flavours and complexity of their favourite wines but with a little less alcohol – allowing the freedom to enjoy them, whenever and however.

We positioned, branded and launched this new approach, combining traditional winemaking philosophies with progressive distilling techniques to create wines that are crammed-to-bursting with ripe, juicy flavours, but only 5% ABV right in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa.

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Where tradition meets progress.

Often found in aisles of stark white labels, rosé in recent years has become quite stale and expected in execution. Our aim was to create something that took the traditions of the category and injected a well needed hit of energy. Something that could match the vibrancy of the cape, its people and cultures.

We introduced a vibrant colour palette for our labels in order to stand out on shelf. A primary green inspired by the sunlit foothills of the Paadeberg Mountains celebrate the lush landscapes whilst a secondary palette of bold brights find reference in its location, its sun-drenched coastline and its flora native to the region.

The brand aims to evoke a journey of discovery and the cape was our inspiration in every sense. From our lockups resembling abstracted peaks of the cape and flowing typography that meanders across the page like the footpaths of table mountain.

As a nod to the freedom LECAP provides its drinkers, a set of spot illustrations feature throughout the brand, depicting snippets of modern life with a casual style that sees multiple hands loosely illustrate in the form of napkin sketches.

An energetic reportage style photography captured by Sven Kristian celebrates the beauty and unspoilt lush surroundings that encompass the vineyard, as well as a true and honest depiction of everyday farm life - the technical and labour intensive process of the harvest and all those who make it happen.

The contrast of these themes can be seen throughout the photography and finds a likeness to the cape, from the wild and untouched coastline that stretches the western edge of the cape, to the technical and man-made materials found within the city itself.

A special thanks to Matt and the employees of the vineyard and to Sven, Neil and team for capturing an honest and beautiful depiction of your home.