Good Law Project

Making the law work for everybody

“Otherway have brought out the best of Good Law Project, making us more relevant at a time when we all need real and positive change.”

Good Law Project

Good Law Project is a not for profit campaign organisation that uses the law for a better world. It is unique in both its mindset and its approach to litigation. Few organisations have the ability to defend, define and change the law.

We partnered with the team to help build a bolder voice for what they do as an organisation – to make people feel a sense of agency about their lives and to feel hopeful about their future.

We’re part of the most politically charged generation. Too many of us hold strong opinions yet do little with them. It’s time for people to move from passive participants to active advocates - and ultimately to help fund a force for good.

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Content
  • Illustration

Through a series of in-depth interviews and research with the team, we built a clear purpose for Good Law Project. Creating a beacon of hope through the current political, social and economic storms.

We wanted to create a brand that was a practical tool for positive change. All too often, the law is a theoretical practice - full of empty promises and drawn-out decisions. In contrast, Good Law Project delivers fast results and real, tangible change for their supporters and the people they represent.

We defined the brand purpose around the call to action of 'Agency For All'. Existing to make the law an accessible tool for every UK citizen. One that can empower us all to affect real, positive change in society.

In order to help us define what was meant by ‘Good Law’ and bake it into everything they did, we set three simple values to follow going forwards. Positive, proactive and practical.

Inspired by these values, we built a design philosophy that champions bold, simple executions that put words first. Always focusing on delivering information in a way that is clear, direct and honest.

With messaging as the hero, the design language needed to serve what we wanted to say. With that in mind, we focused on typeface choice as our first and core asset, making it the focal point of the brand design.

We worked closely with Colophon Foundry to create a custom ‘Good Sans’ typeface based on the iconic, grotesk style fonts. Bringing clarity and approachability through every character to put open, honest messaging at the heart of everything the brand has to say.

The Good Law Project wordmark is built directly from this font. Creating a distinct, centred-aligned typography treatment, featuring upper and lowercase letterforms coupled with a simple holding device.

The colour palette is purposely wide-ranging, allowing for a fresh and optimistic brand, while avoiding any unintentional political ties. Colours were chosen for maximum accessibility and legibility when used to backdrop black typography.

The brand is built as a set of code-like, modular design tools – that can be rolled out in-house and by multiple collaborators as the news agenda changes fast. With photography never taking precedence over messaging, fitting around typography in a defined grid system.

Illustration was introduced for key campaigns - by working with Studio Pi, whose powerful mission is to bring more diversity to the creative industry and champion those artists whose voices aren’t heard enough and whose talent isn’t seen enough.​

We know that the law, in the right hands, can be a fair and decent force for good. It is a practical tool for positive change and can make amazing things happen. Good Law Project are proud to be primarily funded by members of the public, which keeps them fiercely independent and fighting for a more positive future.