Celebrating the joy of coming home again


Home will soon be home again.

Made came to us with a simple problem. They had overhauled their product but their brand hadn't been. We worked with them on a brand strategy that recognised the power of home and a disarmingly simple truth - home shapes us as much as we shape it.

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Mute / Unmute

We gave Made a voice in a largely silent category, which enabled them to take a wider culture as more than just a furniture store being able to talk beyond just products and how home made their customers feel. This voice gave Made a sense of unified purpose across all channels and brought the brand’s point of view to the forefront to connect with like minded others.

Visually we helped push Made to appear more as a curator, borrowing visual language from publishers and fashion, the arbiters of what's in style. This also reflected a consumer trend and push in the Made product line, no longer pushing entire matching room sets, but being part of the selection that goes on in everyone's home matching different styles together.

Finally, we added humanity back into the images. Sometimes literally, with the presence of people, but also moving to a warmer, lived-in space.