Julienne Bruno

Taking plant-based to new levels through culinary creativity.

Digital Design

Working with a team of culinary experts behind some of the world's top restaurants, we've created a plant-based deli food brand that aims to challenge the category by utilising the innovative techniques typically seen in Michelin starred test kitchens.

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Digital Design

The brand name comes from the Julienne and Brunoise cuts - the very basics taught in cookery school, which must be mastered in order to achieve culinary creative brilliance.

There is a perfection to these chef's cuts, which on closer inspection have slightly wonky, organic forms. We captured this in a logotype that is clean and uniformed, but features subtle wobbles and dents.

Our aim was to marry innovation and creativity, with an 'always on' approach to product development. We've highlighted this with a contrast of technical minimalism through typography, and a sense of low-fi story telling though imagery and tone.

A graphic language that uses outlined shapes as a reductive reference to labelling systems seen in kitchens. Used in a flat, minimal style, they convey the future focussed world of gastronomic innovation that the brand champions.

Development is at the heart of Julienne Bruno, with 'drops' of product in small batches, and constant evolution in the pipeline. Packaging is purposefully simple and easy to adapt, allowing for an approach of continual recipe tweaking to live at its core.

Art direction continues the theme of reduction, using cut-out images of products as a way to highlight their technical perfection. Alongside these sits photographic documentation of the daily happenings of a busy development kitchen, purposefully quick and candid in style.