Serving up memories to last a lifetime

“I speak for all of us here at Dishpatch when I say what a joy it has been working with Otherway.”

Art Direction

Dishpatch has taken the UK by storm in a very short space of time. Developed during the height of lockdown the restaurant kit service enables some of London’s most iconic restaurants to deliver ready to cook meals across the UK (and soon to be world).

They came to us with a bold ambition to unearth the best chefs and restaurants and give them the means to send their style of food way beyond the physical confines of the physical restaurant space. They wanted a pioneering new brand to match this bold ambition.

The strategy was built around the insight that we are now the generation that are no longer defined by what we buy but what we experience. The restaurants we love communicate who we are as people. They represent so much more than just a place to eat. They encapsulate our tastes and values and are therefore always shared.

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Art Direction

We created a design system that allowed Dishpatch to act as a curator and a guide to the very best restaurants and chefs, encouraging discovery and telling the stories of how each meal came to exist. As a result, the type style references old Michelin guides and newspaper restaurant reviews, giving the brand an editorial feel.

An ever adapting colour palette gives each restaurant a voice of its own, alongside this, a look and feel for content behaves like a magazine by candidly documenting the process of creating, cooking, and eating each meal. This played into the use of a logo that acts as a masthead, sitting as a protective arch or seal of approval above each restaurant's name.

A feeling of dynamism runs throughout the brand, in that it never sits still. New restaurants will appear each week, and menus adapt to seasons. To convey this fast pace, images from varied restaurants sit together, scattered within plate shapes - proving the diverse and ever changing line up of meal experiences on offer.